Herbal A-Peel

New Skin in 5 Days

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Based on traditional medicine perfected over time, Alex Cosmetic created a unique formula that is unrivaled. A quick and safe method to renew and regenerate your skin is only 5 days away.
Made up of a mixture of dried crushed herbs and plant extracts, it gently restores your skin's natural glow and gives it an even more youthful appearance. In contrast to other methods of deep exfoliation, Alex Cosmetic Herbal A-Peel is completely free of synthetic abrasives and chemical additives. Comprised of purely natural herb and plant ingredients, it is perfectly safe and has no side-effects.

Herbal A-Peel

Effectively treats conditions such as:

  • enlarged pores
  • skin imputities, acne
  • scars
  • skin discolorations
  • age spots
  • tired skin
  • sun damaged skin
  • prematurely aging skin
  • sagging facial contours
  • diminished elasticity of the stomach, thighs, upper arms

How does it work?

The treatment increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layers of the skin to peel off. The improved blood circulation stimulates and induces skin regeneration by speeding up your metabolism and increasing cellular turnover and protein synthesis.

The effectiveness of ALEX COSMETIC HERBAL PEELING TREATMENT is not limited to the epidermis. It reaches the deeper layers of the skin as well. The specific plant-based herbal enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in Herbal A-Peel Mask deeply penetrate into the skin and become active in the connective tissue. During this treatment normalizing processes occur in a natural way. The body itself becomes active and the process of regeneration is greatly enhanced and accelerated.

After a treatment, redness and a light burning sensation may be experienced similar to a mild sunburn. This is normal and will subside quickly.

ALEX COSMETIC AFTER CARE products help to protect as they work together to excel the skin regeneration process.

Two to three days later, exfoliated skin begins to peel off. On the fourth or fifth day, a follow-up treatment takes place.

To experience optimal results for the HERBAL-A-PEEL treatment, it is essential to use the ALEX COSMETIC products recommended for your skin type. ALEX COSMETIC has the right products to use as part of your daily skin care regime to get the skin you always wanted and maintain it.

Before and After Photos of Herbal A-Peel Treatments